This Week’s Best Investing Reads 09/07/2018

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Here’s a list of this week’s best investing reads:

The Decision Matrix: How to Prioritize What Matters (Farnam Street)

I Quit My Dream Job Because There’s Sadly No Such Thing (Financial Samurai)

The Unreachables (The Reformed Broker)

What Does it Mean to be a Financial Expert? (The Irrelevant Investor)

Lessons Learned Since the Financial Crisis (Validea)

Could Index Funds Become Too Popular? (A Weath of Common Sense)

The 9 Biases of Value Investors (Safal Niveshak)

Buy What You Know (Humble Dollar)

Timing Equity Returns Using Monetary Policy (Flirting with Models)

Concealed Emotions (Collaborative Fund)

How the Chinese business elite think of America… (Bronte Capital)

Great American Rhetoric–Learn How to Convince (csinvesting)

Oakmark – Staying Disciplined to a Bottom-Up Process with a Focus on Intrinsic Value (TWST)

Berkshire Hathaway: Don’t Try This at Home (MOI Global)

Short Selling Stocks- Not for the Faint Hearted (The Aleph Blog)

Value Investing in the Third Reich (Medium)

Is Value Investing Dead? (Morningstar)

The Two Biggest Risks Facing The Market Today – and What To Do (Barron’s)

It’s Not Time to Hit the Ejector Seat on Emerging Markets (Bloomberg)

Munger and the Power of Persistence (GuruFocus)

Jeremy Siegel – A lot of momentum players in the market that are riding trends (CNBC)

Value and Earnings Estimates Revisions – A Powerful Pairing (Causeway)

Billionaire Carl Icahn Has Lost More Money This Year Than Almost Anyone in the World (Time)

Hard Lessons (Thanks, Amazon) Breathe New Life Into Retail Stores (NY Times)

A stock-market bear signal is at a more-than-4-decade high, says Goldman (Yahoo Finance)

My View On: The FIRE Movement (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Six findings about investment consultants from academic research (Evidence Based Investor)

Charlie Munger on ignorance removal (Value Investing World)

Funds Without Fees? That’s Just the Beginning (Barron’s)

When is the Right Time to Take Profit? (Dividend Guy)

The New Era of “Sudden Stops” and Emerging Markets (mrzepczynski)

Franchise Quality Score: A Metric for Intangibles (CFA Institute)

Lessons from Chance the Rapper (Value Chains and Profit Pools) (25iq)

This week’s best investing research reads:

Fintwit Might Matter for Momentum and Mean Reversion in Stock Prices (Alpha Architect)

The Inflation Advantage of Equal-Weight (Fortune Financial)

Link Between Inflation & Output Gap (UPFINA)

How currencies take a large bite out of Emerging Market investments (Convex)

Beware Buffet’s Words: These 3 Critical Stock Market Indicators Signal Huge Losses Ahead (Palisade Research)

The Flattening Yield Curve — Is It Different this Time? (Advisor Perspectives)

Investors are desperately trying to cut through the glut of information in search of meaning and knowledge (13D)

This week’s best investing podcasts:

Animal Spirits Episode 45: Do We Need a Recession? (Ben Carlson & Michael Batnick)

Thriving in a Digital World: My Conversation with Stratechery’s Ben Thompson (Shane Parrish)

Mastermind Discussion 3nd Quarter 2018 (Stig Brodersen & Preston Pysh)

Richard Craib – Crowdsourcing Predictive Models (Patrick O’Shaughnessy)

Our New Trinity ETF… Egregious Hedge Fund Fees… and R&D Spending is on the Rise (Meb Faber)

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