This Week’s Best Investing Reads From Our Top 50 Investing Blogs 2017

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Each week Tobias and I pick out the best investing reads from our Top 50 Investing Blogs 2017.

Here’s what we’ve been reading:

  1. Acquirer’s Multiple & the Quest for Value (Old School Value)
  2. How to Invest in an Overvalued Market (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  3. Factor Investing: Evidence Based Insights (Alpha Architect)
  4. The Jeff Bezos Empire in One Giant Chart (Visual Capitalist)
  5. Investor Returns Hurt by Attempts to Time the Market (Validea’s Guru Investor Blog)
  6. This Is What The Blowoff Stage Of A Stock Market Bubble Looks Like (The Felder Report)
  7. Vintage Value Investing Named One of the Top 50 Best Investing Blogs on the Planet! (Vintage Value Investing)
  8. “It’s Actually a Good Thing” (The Reformed Broker)
  9. TIP143: Mastermind Discussion 2nd Quarter 2017 (Featuring Tobias Carlisle) (We Study Billionaires)
  10. What Is Your Belief System? (Enterprising Investor)
  11. Finding High-Quality Companies Today (Vitaliy Katsenelson Contrarian Edge)
  12. Still (Not) Crazy After All These Years (Cliff’s Perspective)
  13. All Models Are Wrong (Farnam Street)
  14. What’s This Business Worth? (Hurricane Capital)
  15. Escaping the Magnetic Pull of a Bubble (Jason Zweig)
  16. Uber’s bad week: Doomsday Scenario or Business Reset? (Musings On Markets)
  17. Why I Don’t Talk About My Stocks Publicly, And Why You Shouldn’t Either (Safal Niveshak)

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