500 Years Of Stock Panics, Bubbles, Manias, & Meltdowns (In 1 Simple Chart)

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One of the Top 50 Investing Blogs for 2017 is Zero Hedge, and one of the best articles at Zero Hedge is one called, 500 Years Of Stock Panics, Bubbles, Manias, & Meltdowns (In 1 Simple Chart). It’s a simple yet powerful illustration of just what has happened in the history of the stock market over the past 500 years.

Here’s an excerpt from that article:

From the “over-expansion of credit” leading to banking failures in 1255-62 in Italy to 2015’s “‘end’ of The Fed’s zero interest rate policy,” stock markets have risen and fallen and risen some more on the back of wars, manias, crises, and panics since The Middle Ages….

Click on the image below and it will take you to Zero Hedge where you can expand the image so that it becomes much more legible.

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