Just Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

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In his recent interview with Tobias, Tyrone Ross Jr, who was recognized by Investment News 40 under 40 (2019) and WealthManagement.com as a top ten advisor set to change the industry in 2019, provides his thoughts on just who is Satoshi Nakamoto. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Tobias Carlisle: I was reading. I did a bit of research around the paper after you sent it to me and I read it. So there’s the Wikipedia page is kind of interesting because they talk about the potential people who could be Satoshi Nakamoto. Have you dug into that at all?

Tyrone Ross: I have, so I believe I follow a few of them on Twitter, and I think a lot of them are out there. There’s some that obviously will tell you, Nick Zabo, Adam Bag, a few of those guys who are highly involved with the beginning of Bitcoin and they call them crypto OG’s. What was disappoint was that Crypto Twitter didn’t know that OG stood for original gangster, but whatever. That’s a whole nother story.

Tobias Carlisle: They’re too young.

Tyrone Ross: Way too young, way too young. But yeah, there are some guys that are out there that you can look it up and see, especially Nick Zabo who was involved with the beginning of it, and eCash, and David Chong was another. So smart contracts, Nick Zabo was really big in that area. So a lot of that, they’re out there, Jameson Lop is another one, a few guys that I follow on Twitter, super smart, incredibly intelligent. I’m a firm believer that it was more than one person, I could be wrong. I just don’t think it was one dude, I think there was a bunch of people involved. Hal Finney is another, who is no longer with us. But there was a bunch of people involved.

Tyrone Ross: And again, when you look at … again, I probably have one-hundredth of the intelligence that you have, but when I really sat with that and I’m like, “This is kind of brilliant.” There’s a lot of things involved here to get this thing to work where you have this beautiful system of every 10 minutes a block is produced, and there will only be 21 million, and the difficulty, and the hash rates, and all these things. It’s like what in the world? It couldn’t have been one person, it couldn’t have been one person. And even at the time it was released in ’09, we know what was going on in ’09, this is when this was introduced and it was pushed out to the world.

Tyrone Ross: So I think from the timing of it, what its purpose was, and again to be very clear, and I plan on putting this on Twitter at some point that will upset the Apple cart a little bit. But what people need to understand is Bitcoin has never experienced a recession. It has never experienced a true overall bear market global downturn. So no one’s talking about that. So again, it started in the last one and it’s had all of the upside from the… and QE, and all this asset inflation. But what happens now when, which I think we’re getting ever closer to, boop. What does it do then because it’s absolutely a specular risk on asset.

Tobias Carlisle: I mean there’s a chance it rallies through something like that, right?

Tyrone Ross: Yeah, that’s a really good point. I mean a lot of people are looking at it as being a put against the current financial system. And then in that environment, yeah it could run. And that’s the thing, we don’t know. We don’t know how it would respond. Again, I think you and I is just knowing traditional finance would lead you to believe in a recession in a large down turn what are the first things that get sold? Highly risky assets that people need right away to generate liquidity and you sell your Bitcoin, it’s there. So we’ll see, but I do think in terms of what you see in a lot of the commentary that has been coming out, Ray Dalio just put out a really good piece and he ended with making a case for gold. You could easily take gold out and place Bitcoin in there and it makes just as much sense.

Tobias Carlisle: Easier to carry than gold, gold coins.

Tyrone Ross: Yep, absolutely. 100%. I did just show some guys were trying to smuggle gold in, they had some in their anus and all types of stuff.

Tobias Carlisle: Should have stuck it in Bitcoin.

Tyrone Ross: Yeah, it’s like you guys didn’t hear about Bitcoin? What are you doing?

Tobias Carlisle: One of the interesting things as I was digging through that Wikipedia entry on Satoshi, the conspiracy theories trying to figure out who he is are kind of interesting. They say he’s probably not Japanese because the times that he was working on it more closely align with UK Britain times. And a lot of the spelling that he uses is the British.

Tyrone Ross: UK, yep.

Tobias Carlisle: The British spelling and stuff. And then one of the guys who they identified, or one of the people they think is most likely has passed away in about 2014, something like that. Which is kind of interesting that despite the fact that the founder has passed away, it continues on and it continues to be useful and traded. Which is a pretty strong argument for it I would think.

Tyrone Ross: Yeah, I mean people talk about the Lindy Effect and things like that, but every day this thing survives it gets stronger. And I just posted something a little while ago that the hash power and the security of the chain is even the blockchain is even more secure than it’s ever been. Super, super secure. So again, there’s a lot that can happen here. And I think look no further than the security of the Bitcoin blockchain than Microsoft saying that they’re going to build their decentralized ID on it. Stop right there, I don’t care how you feel, stop right there. And then you have Satya Nadella taking pictures with Adam Beck. Stop right there, do not tell me this thing doesn’t have credibility, right? Because they publicly went forward with those pictures. And Microsoft made an announcement, “We’re doing this on the Bitcoin blockchain.” So it’s worth paying attention to.

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