John Rogers: There Will Always Be Opportunities For Value Investors That Are Left In This Market

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During his recent interview with Bloomberg Live, John Rogers explained why there will always be opportunities for value investors that are left in this market. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Rogers: I think it’s a temporary phenomenon. Sometimes markets go crazy and…

Host: Are they crazy right now?

Rogers: We think… so we’ve never seen this kind of volatility, up and down you know all of us here. The internet… the ups and downs intraday is something that just never ever experienced.

But I think volatility should be your friend. It should key rate opportunities where stocks are being mispriced. Research isn’t being done well. People become so short-term focused today in our society.

So we think, those of us that are left, that are willing to look out three, five years out over the horizon, looking out to see when the storm passes what this company will truly look like. What kind of cash it will be generating.

I think that way of value investing is always going to be something that will work in our markets.

You can watch the entire discussion here:

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