This Week’s Best Value Investing News (1/14/2022)

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This week’s best investing news:

Howard Marks Memo – Selling Out (Oaktree)

Thank You for Speculating (Jamie Catherwood)

Mr. Market Is Now Very Impressed With Apple (Felder)

7 Principles For A Perfect Portfolio (Validea)

The Perfect Portfolio (Verdad)

Value Investing Live Recap: Vitaliy Katsenelson (GuruFocus)

Anomaly Ahead (Humble Dollar)

I Kid You Not Crazy (Vitaliy)

Which Companies Won or Lost Your Affection During Pandemic? (Ritholz)

Unlocks (SG)

Lou Simpson’s Life and Legacy (RW)

Focus on the Risks You Take, Not Just the Returns You Make (SN)

Common Sense Principles from Two Legends (Novel)

Alibaba: Charlie Munger Is Teaching The Market A Lesson Again (Seeking Alpha)

226: Constellation Software in One Graph, ARK vs Regional Banks (Liberty)

Fundsmith 2021 Annual Letter (FS)

Workshop Note: Learning (And Failing?) in Public with Jim O’Shaughnessy (Neckar)

Was Ben Graham a Quant? (AB)

Louis Simpson, Buffett’s Onetime Stock Picker, Dies at 85 (Bloomberg)

What A World (CF)

After years of abstraction, things are getting real for markets (FT)

The Best Investment for This Coming Crazy Year (Jason Zweig)

AQR quant fund kicks off the year with 10% gain after 2021 rebound (FT)

Dividend Champions List for 2022 (DGI)

Ray Dalio Interview (MIB)

Legendary investor Mario Gabelli breaks down auto, aerospace stocks to watch (CNBC)

It is Moneyball Time! (Aswath Damodaran)

Jeffrey Gundlach interview – 1-4-22 (Yahoo)

Bill Nygren Market Commentary | 4Q21 (Oakmark)

First Eagle Global Value Team 2021 Annual Letter (FE)

Betting Against Buffett (CA)

Bill Miller – Betting Big on Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin [2022] (WT)

Goldman Sachs China Musings – 10 key debates on, and reasons to buy, China in 2022 (GS)

China electric vehicle sales surged 154% last year, with Warren Buffett–backed BYD topping Tesla (Fortune)

The 36 Decision-Making Models I Continually Find Most Helpful (BH)

This week’s best value Investing news:

If Growth Stocks Sell Off Will They Bring Value Stocks Down with Them? (AlbertBridge)

Four reasons why value stocks are poised to outperform growth in 2022 (MarketWatch)

Why value investors can still outperform the market: An excerpt from a new book by Dr. George Athanassakos (Globe&Mail)

Value set to shine as inflation, rates hit growth stocks (AFR)

Value investing could be the winning strategy this year as interest rates rise and tech wobbles (CNBC)

This week’s Fear & Greed Index:


This week’s best investing podcasts:

#128 Ryan Holiday: A Stoic Life (KP)

TIP411: How the Federal Reserve Broke the American Economy (TIP)

A Portfolio of Just 4 Stocks with Robert Mulcahy (CE)

EP 339. Competition Demystified: Customer Behavior, Reading a 10K (FC)

Tren Griffin — Welcome to the Tren-verse (IL)

Episode #382: Dan Zwirn, Arena Investors – A Stoic Approach to Investing (MF)

Ep. 209 – Activism vs. Suggest-ivism in MicroCap Investing (PMC)

Muji – A hhhypergrowth discussion (BB)

Build Your Network Interview (II)

This week’s Buffett Indicator:

Strongly Overvalued.

This week’s best investing research:

Trend-Following Filters – Part 4 (AA)

Fama and French: The Five-Factor Model Revisited (CFA)

Narrative drives return  (DSGMV)

Negative Real Interest Rates Haven’t Been A Bad Environment For Stocks (PAL)

Reimagining the 60/40 Portfolio – An Alternative Outlook (AAA)

This week’s best investing tweet:

This week’s best investing graphic:

From Greek to Latin: Visualizing the Evolution of the Alphabet (Visual Capitalist)

Visualizing the Evolution of the Alphabet

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