One Stock Superinvestors Are Buying Or Holding

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As part of the weekly research here at The Acquirer’s Multiple we’re always interested in investing gurus who hold the same stocks that appear in our Acquirer’s Multiple Stock Screeners, based on their latest 13F’s. Investors such as Warren Buffett, Joel Greenblatt, Carl Icahn, Jim Simons, Prem Watsa, Jeremy Grantham, Seth Klarman, Ray Dalio, and Howard Marks.

While doing this research we’ve also uncovered a number of common stocks that investing gurus have recently bought, or continuing to hold in their portfolios, according to their latest 13f’s. So we’re now providing a new weekly feature article called ‘One Stock Superinvestors Are Buying Or Holding’. This week we’ll take a look at:

Charles Schwab Corporation (NYSE: SCHW)

Charles Schwab operates in the brokerage, banking, and asset-management businesses. The company runs a large network of brick-and-mortar brokerage branch offices and a well-established online investing website. It also operates a bank and a proprietary mutual fund business and offers services to independent investment advisors. The company is among the largest firms in the investment business, with over $5.5 trillion of client assets at the end of October 2020. Nearly all of its revenue is from the United States.

A quick look at the price chart below for Charles Schwab shows us that the stock is up 14% in the past twelve months.

(Source: Morningstar)

Superinvestors who recently bought, or continue to hold Charles Schwab stock in their portfolios include:

Jean-Marie Eveillard – 5,700,160 shares

Jeremy Grantham – 3,947,034 shares

Donald Yacktman – 3,462,106 shares

Glenn Greenberg – 2,560,691 shares

Wally Weitz – 1,852,300 shares

Tom Gayner – 1,095,300 shares

John Rogers – 1,253,261 shares

Francois Rochon – 960,145 shares

Cathie Wood – 214,896 shares

Mario Gabelli – 123,085 shares

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