Top 10 Acquirers Podcasts 2019

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If you’ve got some free time over Christmas and you’d like to listen to some great investing podcasts, Tobias and I have compiled a list of the top 10 Acquirers Podcasts for 2019:

  1. Big Decisions: Michael Mauboussin talks luck, skill, success, risk, mean reversion, and the base rate
  2. Intelligent Fanatic: Ian Cassell gives a masterclass in microcap investing
  3. Buy List: Eddy Elfenbein talks high-quality businesses and outstanding stocks
  4. What Works: Investor Entrepreneur and Author Jim O’Shaughnessy
  5. Small Value: Eric Cinnamond talks small cap absolute return value investing
  6. Private Equity in Public Markets: Verdad’s Dan Rasmussen talks small cheap and levered stocks
  7. Known Risks: Zach Abraham talks “known-known” risks value investing and bond alternatives
  8. Financial Value: Tim Melvin on his Graham and Schloss meet Kravis approach to financials
  9. Reformed Broker: Josh Brown talks Wall Street’s backstage
  10. Endowment Value: Mark Yusko on the endowment model, value investing and bitcoin, crypto and digital assets

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