Interview With Tobias Carlisle – Outlook Business

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Great interview with our Founder Tobias Carlisle at Outlook Business. Here’s an excerpt from that interview: There are very few lawyers who end up as full-time investors. Maybe because they have figured out that the grass is indeed greener on their side. Investing is not a sure thing but litigation or liquidation sure is. Tobias Carlisle then is an exception … Read More

This Week’s Best Investing Reads

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Here’s are some of this week’s best investing reads: New Highs Should Be Bought, Not Sold (The Irrelevant Investor) Why Won’t You People Panic Already? (The Reformed Broker) Income Alpha (A Wealth of Common Sense) Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain – Longs, Shorts, or Trading Sardines… (Wexboy) U.S. investors see a correction coming — and are ready to buy the dip (Globe & Mail) Some Market Myths Hurt Investors (Bloomberg) Where In The … Read More

James Montier – Here’s How Soros Successfully Safeguards Against Making Recurring Mistakes

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As investors we all pat ourselves on the back, telling ourselves how smart we are when a stock that we picked outperforms. At the same time we can find dozens of reasons, excluding our own poor judgement, when another stock pick gets hammered. The reason in behavioral investing terms is called self-attribution bias. Self-attribution bias is our habit of attributing … Read More

Mohnish Pabrai – The Secret To Finding Your Next 100-Bagger

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100-Baggers are the holy grail of investing. These are stocks that return $100 for every $1 invested and they’re extremely rare. However, the secret to capturing your next 100-Bagger can be found in a presentation that Mohnish Pabrai did with the folks at Google earlier this year. The answer came when Pabrai was asked a unrelated question regarding whether he shorts … Read More

Is Value Investing Dead? It Depends on How You Measure It – WSJ

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Here’s a great article by Wes Gray at the Wall Street Journal which demonstrates that value investing is not dead. It just depends on which metrics you use to measure its performance. Wes Gray is the CEO and CIO of Alpha Architect, a quantitative asset manager based near Philadelphia. Here’s an excerpt from that article: Is value investing dead? It’s a question … Read More

Successful Investing Is Achieved By Studying Other Successful Investors Who Do Things Very Differently To You – Bill Nygren

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One of the value investing firms that we follow closely here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Oakmark Funds and portfolio manager, Bill Nygren. Nygren is a value investor who focuses on companies trading at what he considers to be a substantial discount to their true business value. He has been a manager of the Oakmark Select Fund since 1996, Oakmark Fund … Read More

Here’s How Successful Investors Dampen Down Their Investing ‘Cocaine Brain’ – Pabrai, Spier

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As investors we all know the excitement we feel when we come across what we think is an undervalued opportunity that seems to have been overlooked by most other investors. The feeling of exhilaration that we get is called “cocaine brain.” Neuroscientists have found that the prospect of making money stimulates the same primitive reward circuits in the brain that cocaine does. The … Read More

21 Timeless Investing Lessons From Bruce Berkowitz

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Bruce Berkowitz is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Fairholme Capital Management, and President and a Director of Fairholme Funds, Inc. In 2010 Berkowitz was named as the 2009 Domestic-Stock Fund Manager of the Year by Morningstar as well as the Domestic-Stock Fund Manager of the Decade (2000-2009), also by Morningstar. Most recently, he was named 2013’s Money Manager of … Read More

This Week’s Best Investing Reads

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Here’s some of this week’s best investing reads: Overcoming Your Demons (Collaborative Fund) How NYU teaches MBA Students about Bitcoin (The Reformed Broker) Market Complexity Could Trigger the Next Crash (Visual Capitalist) Are You a Better Investor? (Jason Zweig) All or Nothing Analysis (The Irrelevant Investor) Episode #72: Radio Show: Investor Sentiment – What is it Telling Us About this Bull’s Length? (Meb Faber) You Need To Do What Others Don’t (MicroCapClub) Imagine It’s September … Read More

Undervalued Ceragon Networks FCF/EV Yield 10%, ROE 14% – Small & Micro Cap Stock Screener

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One of the cheapest stocks in our Small & Micro Cap Stock Screener is Ceragon Networks Ltd (NASDAQ:CRNT). Ceragon Networks Ltd (Ceragon) is a wireless backhaul specialist company providing wireless backhaul solutions that enable cellular operators and other wireless service providers to deliver voice and data services, enabling smart-phone applications. A quick look at Ceragon’s share price history over the past twelve months … Read More

The One Thing All Value Investors Can Do To Get You Halfway Home – Irving Kahn

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One of our favorite value investors here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Irving Kahn. Kahn was the Chairman at Kahn Brothers Group which he founded in 1978. He began his career in the value investing business shortly before the stock market crash of 1929, and, in the 1930s, he served as Benjamin Graham’s teaching assistant at Columbia Business School. The … Read More

Is It Better To Buy The Stock And Watch The Price Drop Or Not Act And Watch The Price Soar? – Daniel Kahneman

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One of the most common predicaments facing investors is that they’ve analysed a stock, it meets with the investors criteria, and now it’s time to pull the trigger and buy the stock. But something happens, the investor ums and ahs and delays the decision to buy. Next thing you know three months later the value of the stock has risen by … Read More

Value Stocks So Cheap – We Can Only Hope Now Is Like March 2000

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Here’s a great article at Forbes written by John Buckingham, Chief Investment Officer of Al Frank Asset Management, that reports some positive signs for value investors. The five trading days just completed was our kind of week, as despite another missile fired over Japan by North Korea, the equity markets moved nicely higher, with the major market averages again hitting all-time highs … Read More

8 Exceptional Investing Lessons That Have Stood The Test Of Time – Philip Fisher

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One of the best investing books ever written is Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Philip Fisher. According to Forbes this book was the first investment book ever to make The New York Times bestseller list. As a testament to the book, on the cover is a quote by Warren Buffett saying – “I am an eager reader of whatever Phil has to … Read More

4 Of The Greatest Investing Lessons From Peter Lynch

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One of my favorite Peter Lynch interviews is one he did with PBS. Lynch ran Fidelity’s Magellan Fund for thirteen years (1977-1990). In that period Lynch he averaged a 29.2% annual return, consistently more than doubling the S&P 500 market index and making it the best performing mutual fund in the world. During his tenure, assets under management increased from $18 … Read More

Great Investors Focus On Absolute-Performance Rather Than Relative-Performance – Seth Klarman

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Earlier this month The Washington Post published an article titled – Warren Buffett’s $100 Billion Problem. The article was reporting on the $100 Billion that Berkshire has accumulated in cash over the years, stating: Warren Buffett celebrated his 87th birthday a few days ago, but the bigger number in his life is the $100 billion mound of cash that his Berkshire … Read More

20 Timeless Investing Lessons From Joel Greenblatt

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One of our favorite investors here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Joel Greenblatt. Greenblatt is the Managing Partner of Gotham Capital, a hedge fund that he founded in 1985, and a Managing Principal of Gotham Asset Management. He is also the author of four books, You Can Be A Stock Market Genius, The Little Book That Beats The Market, The … Read More