Joel Greenblatt keeps it simple: “Buy Good Stuff Cheap, Sell Bad Stuff Dear”

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In today’s Observer author William Green has an interesting excerpt from his new book The Great Minds of Investing on Joel Greenblatt: …Mr. Greenblatt is always searching for a “systematic way” of “doing better.” In 2003, this led him and Goldstein to launch a $35 million research project to prove the effectiveness of the principles they had used at Gotham to identify “cheap and … Read More

Mobile TeleSystems (NYSE:MBT): Cheap Russian telecom

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Mobile TeleSystems (NYSE:MBT) has been beaten up over the last month (off 12.5 percent) and at $9.69 is now the sixth cheapest stock in the Large Cap 1000 Screener (it’s free if you register). With a $9.7 billion market cap and $4.4 billion in net debt, MBT doesn’t have the usual net cash balance sheet that I prefer. What it does … Read More

Alaska Air Group, Inc. ($ALK) and PAR Capital Management

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Meb Faber sent out an interesting note from The Idea Farm today about PAR Capital Management. PAR are a $4.3 billion hedge fund with a specialization in airline stocks. According to their latest 13F filing, their fourth largest holding at almost 7 percent of the fund is Alaska Air Group, Inc. (ALK). Check out the Large Cap Screener. ALK is the … Read More

Nevsun Resources Ltd. (NYSEMKT:NSU) Update on New Discovery

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I first wrote about Nevsun Resources Ltd. (NYSEMKT:NSU) a month ago on May 22. Since then the stock has run from its May 21 close of $4.10 to as high $4.26 and as low as $3.77 and now back to $4.05 at the time of writing. NSU was and remains the cheapest stock in the All Investable Screener with an acquirer’s multiple … Read More

Network-1 Technologies, Inc. (NYSEMKT:NTIP) $NTIP: Cash-rich, cheap and huge NOLS

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Network-1 Technologies, Inc. (NYSEMKT:NTIP) is a very interesting stock in the Small and Micro Cap Screener. With a market cap of $42 million and net cash of $15 million, it has an enterprise value of just $27 million. It generated $4 million in operating income last year, which gives it an acquirer’s multiple of 6.5. It generates a 16 percent FCF/EV … Read More

YPF Sociedad Anonima (NYSE:YPF): Undervalued Argentinian Energy

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YPF Sociedad Anonima (NYSE:YPF), the Argentinian energy company, has been beaten up over the last month, making it the fifth cheapest stock in the Large Cap Screener with an acquirer’s multiple of 6.87. It has a $10.2 billion market cap, a $15.4 billion enterprise value, and generated $2.3 billion in operating income TTM. At the current price, you can get it at … Read More

Breeze-Eastern Corp (NYSEMKT:BZC) Special Offer

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Breeze-Eastern Corp (NYSEMKT:BZC) is the 24th cheapest stock in the Small and Micro Cap Screener with an acquirer’s multiple of 8.89. It trades on a PE of 9.7  has an 11.4 FVF/EV yield. We’ve taken a deep dive into it over at Singular Diligence. We’re running a special for the readers of Market Folly, which provides the latest edition of Singular … Read More

CSS Industries Inc (NYSE:CSS): Cheap, liquid and buying back stock

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CSS Industries Inc (NYSE:CSS) is another particularly cheap stock in the All Investable Screener, with an acquirer’s multiple of 6.2. It has a market cap of $278 million; $106 million in cash and equivalents, and no debt, giving it an enterprise value of $172 million; and it has generated $28 million in operating earnings TTM. It trades at book value and … Read More

Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:KLIC): Strong, Liquid Balance Sheet, and Undervalued.

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Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:KLIC) is one of the cheapest stocks in the All Investable Screener with an acquirer’s multiple of 5. It has a 10 percent FCF/EV yield, and has bought back 1 percent of its stock over the last 12 months. Long only, value investor and research analyst Arie Goren likes it for its strong, liquid balance sheet, and undervaluation: … Read More

Computer Task Group Inc. (NASDAQ:CTG): Simple, Cheap, and Buying Back Stock

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With an acquirer’s multiple of 4.8, Computer Task Group Inc. (NASDAQ:CTG) is the sixth cheapest stock in the Small and Micro Cap Screener. It’s an information technology (IT) solutions and staffing services company in North America and Europe. It has 3,900 employees. The company implements electronic health records; assists in the start-up and development of health information exchanges for health insurance companies; … Read More

Global Sources Ltd. (Bermuda)(NASDAQ:GSOL) $GSOL announces buyback at $7.50 for 22% of outstanding stock; Up 25% this week

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Global Sources Ltd. (Bermuda)(NASDAQ:GSOL), which I wrote about on May 28, announced a buyback this morning at $7.50. The stock has run up about 21 percent since. It’s still cheap, but it’s now bounced out of the All Investable Screener. It may be back if the buyback actually happens and the stock doesn’t budge. Here’s the release: 4:58 am Global Sources … Read More

Industrias Bachoco, S.A.B. de C.V. (NYSE:IBA) $IBA: Significantly undervalued; Change In Capital Structure Enhances Value 

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Industrias Bachoco, S.A.B. de C.V. (NYSE:IBA) is another stock on a great run that remains too cheap. I’ve owned it since Q3 2011, and I still hold it because it’s the third cheapest stock in the All Investable Screener. It has a market cap of $2.7B, an enterprise value of $2B, and generated $410 million TTM to give it an … Read More

Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:UEPS) $UEPS: Strong cash flows, low debt, high margins, high growth

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Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:UEPS) has been on a tear in 2015, up almost 40 percent year-to-date. Even so, it’s still the tenth cheapest stock in the All Investable Screener with an acquirer’s multiple of 5.7, a PE of 7.7, and a FCF/EV yield of 14.7 percent. It’s bought back $7 million of stock in the last twelve months too, so … Read More

First Purchase Under Mechanical Investment Plan

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By Bruce Murison, June 8, 2015 On June 8 Tobias published on this site my mechanical investment plan using the Acquirer’s Multiple.  On June 4 I had established a dedicated account with $25,000 to trade the Plan.  On June 8 I made the first trade. Specifically, I bought 594 shares of Nevsun Resources (NYSEMKT:NSU) at 4.21 on the close.  This cost … Read More

TravelCenters of America LLC (NYSE:TA): Activists are circling

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TravelCenters of America LLC (NYSE:TA) is the fourth cheapest stock in the All Investable Screener with an acquirer’s multiple of 4.83. It trades on a PE of <8, and OCF/EV of almost 30 percent. Keep an eye on FCF/EV, which is a little anemic at 2 percent. Deep value, contrarian registered investment advisor Alpha Gen Capital likes it too. Here’s the analysis: … Read More

A Mechanical Investment Plan Using The Acquirer’s Multiple

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Bruce Murison* contacted me at the start of June with an interesting proposition: He would open a dedicated account to trade the Acquirer’s Multiple All Investable Stocks Screen and post his strategy and results on the site. He thought knowing there was a public eye keeping him on the straight and narrow might assist with his discipline (the same reason I launched Greenbackd in 2008). He … Read More

Icahn on Wall Street Week

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