Walter Schloss – The Hippocratic Method In Security Analysis

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One of our favorite investors here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Walter Schloss. Schloss was one of the most respected value investors ever to have lived, and is included in Buffett’s list of Superinvestors. He was a disciple of the Benjamin Graham school of investing. He didn’t attend college but took investment courses taught by Graham at the New York Stock Exchange Institute. … Read More

Beating the Market | 16 Rules by Walter Schloss, plus 3 more

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(Image: The Walter Schloss approach to value investing, accessed 14 July 2016, The good news is that there’s thousands of websites that provide great information for new investors in the stock market. The bad news is that there are thousands more not providing such great information. If you’re new to stock market investing, here’s three important rules to start with: