How do we hand-pick the 90 best Deep Value Stocks for our Screens

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(Image Credit, One question we always get asked is, how to we hand-pick the 90 best Deep Value Stocks for our screens? Hand-picking the 90 best Deep Value opportunities from 1000’s of stocks is like trying to find a needle in a haystack but, we know that historically once they’re found, these stocks provide investors with great opportunities for out-performance. We … Read More

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble – The Acquirer’s Multiple vs The Magic Formula

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(Image Credit: Like two heavyweight boxing champions, there’s been loads of tests and comparisons made between heavyweight stock screeners, The Acquirer’s Multiple (the method provided by the screens here) and The Magic Formula (which of course was developed by Joel Greenblatt). Here is one such article published by Lukas Neely, a former Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager and author of the Amazon … Read More

How to implement your Acquirer’s Multiple Strategy – 5 Good Questions Answered

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(PHOTO: I often get asked, “What’s the best way to implement an Acquirer’s Multiple (AM) deep value investment strategy?”. Tobias has written a number of articles over the years on how best to implement this strategy. Here are five questions we are regularly asked, answered by Tobias himself. If you’ve got any questions on how to implement your own … Read More

Changes to the Screeners’ Output

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  I’ve retooled the screeners to add some new information at the request of some users. In addition to the acquirer’s multiple and its components–enterprise value and operating earnings–, and descriptive data–share price, symbol, name, industry, and market capitalization–the screener now shows several additional fundamental measures. Those measures include each company’s net cash position (cash and equivalents less total debt), … Read More

First Purchase Under Mechanical Investment Plan

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By Bruce Murison, June 8, 2015 On June 8 Tobias published on this site my mechanical investment plan using the Acquirer’s Multiple.  On June 4 I had established a dedicated account with $25,000 to trade the Plan.  On June 8 I made the first trade. Specifically, I bought 594 shares of Nevsun Resources (NYSEMKT:NSU) at 4.21 on the close.  This cost … Read More