Howard Marks – Psychology Is The Most Important Discipline In Investing

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One of our favorite investors at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Howard Marks. Howard Marks is Chairman and Co-Founder of Oaktree Capital Management, the world’s biggest distressed-debt investor. He’s known in the investment community for his “Oaktree memos” to clients which detail investment strategies and insight into the economy, and in 2011 he published the book The Most Important Thing: Uncommon Sense for … Read More

Howard Marks – The Broad Consensus of Investors is Almost Always Wrong

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In September of 2015, Howard Marks wrote a memo where he discussed one of the most important concepts in investing. It’s the paradox that exists because most investors think quality, as opposed to price, is the determinant of whether something’s risky. But high-quality assets can be risky, and low-quality assets can be safe. It’s just a matter of the price paid for … Read More

To Be Exceptional You Have To Be Different – Joel Greenblatt with Howard Marks (Video)

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For me, this is investing nirvana! Joel Greenblatt, the Managing Partner and Co-CIO of Gotham Asset Management being interviewed by Howard Marks, Chairman of Oaktree Capital Management L.P. Marks spends thirty two minutes interviewing Joel Greenblatt, the creator of the “Magic Formula”, an investing strategy that could be used by average investors to make money in the stock market. The interview took place at the Wharton School of … Read More

Oaktree’s Howard Marks Warns: Invest, But With Caution

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Last month I read a great article on Howard Marks where he warned investors about the current investing climate saying, “For the past five years my mantra with Oaktree has been move forward, but with caution”. He believes that the world is still suffering from the post traumatic stress of the global financial crisis. Howard Marks is of course the founder of the … Read More

What Howard Marks taught me about macro-economics

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(Image Credit, Why is it that every time you pick up a newspaper or switch on the finance channel, some talking head is making a prediction on what’s likely to occur with macro-economic events like interest rates, currency rates, or movements in the stock market. The simple truth is, no one can predict the future!