100 of the best investing blogs on the planet, plus a couple more (2016)

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(Image Credit, www.theodysseyonline.com) A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article called, 50 of the best investing blogs on the planet, plus a couple more (2016). As expected, I was inundated with emails from folks highlighting blogs that I’d left out. So I’ve updated the list to include another 50, based on those recommendations. If there’s any obvious great investing … Read More

How To Pick Good Stocks By Trying To Kill The Business (Strategy) – Bruce Berkowitz

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(Image Credit, institutionalinvestor.com) One investor I like to follow closely, is Bruce Berkowitz. Berkowitz is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Fairholme Capital Management, and President and a Director of Fairholme Funds, Inc. In 2010, Berkowitz was named as the 2009 Domestic-Stock Fund Manager of the Year by Morningstar as well as the Domestic-Stock Fund Manager of the Decade (2000-2009), … Read More

Undervalued Stocks | Bridgepoint Education Inc (NYSE:BPI)

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As Tobias reported yesterday, Bridgepoint Education Inc (NYSE:BPI) is the best value stock in All Investable Screener. Bridgepoint are a provider of post-secondary education services. Its academic institutions, Ashford University® and University of the RockiesSM, offer associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. As of June 30, 2016, the company’s combined institutions offered approximately 1,160 courses and 80 degree programs. Bridgepoint is also focused on … Read More

How to Find Undervalued Stocks Using the 80/20 Rule – Bill Nygren (Part 1)

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(Image Credit, fortune.com) Bill Nygren has been a manager of the Oakmark Select Fund (OAKLX) since 1996, Oakmark Fund (OAKMX) since 2000 and the Oakmark Global Select Fund (OAKWX) since 2006. He joined Harris Associates in 1983 and served as the firm’s Director of Research from 1990 to 1998. Harris Associates L.P. has been adviser to The Oakmark Funds since … Read More

The Lehman Brothers $1.1 Billion Discrepancy, “Accounting Ingenuity” – David Einhorn

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(Image Credit, forbes.com) David Einhorn is one of most famous hedge fund managers on the planet and a master of company analysis. He’s the founder and president of Greenlight Capital, a “long-short value-oriented hedge fund”, which he started in 1996 with $900,000. The fund now has $9.27 Billion in assets under management and since inception, according to Greenlight, has returned 1,902% … Read More

The Lost Art of Contrary Thinking – Seth Klarman

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Just about every investor has heard of Seth Klarman. According to Forbes, “Investing legend Seth Klarman runs Boston-based firm The Baupost Group. With $27 billion under management, Baupost is one of the largest hedge funds. It posted small losses in 2015. An avid philanthropist, his foundation’s assets hit $350 million as of the latest public filing.” “An admirer of Warren … Read More

How Do You Know When a Company is in “The Value Zone” – Arnold Van Den Berg

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(Image Credit, gurufocus.com) Value investor, Arnold Van Den Berg founded Century Management in 1974. He is a principal of the firm, the Chief Executive Officer, and co-Chief Investment Officer. According to investment-advisors.credio.com, Century Management has $1.03 Billion in Assets Under Management. Van Den Berg has no formal college education but gained his market knowledge through rigorous self-study, tremendous dedication, and over 45 years … Read More

How to Develop a Simple Investing Strategy, and Don’t Try to Calculate Intrinsic Value – Charles Mizrahi

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(Image Credit, twitter.com) A lot of investors have never heard of Charles Mizrahi. Mizrahi is editor of the Hidden Values Alert and the Inevitable Wealth Portfolio newsletters. Hidden Values Alert has been named one of Marketwatch.com’s 10 Best Advisors from October 2007 to January 2015…a period that included the Financial Crisis of 2008 and the subsequent bull market that began March 2009. The returns … Read More