Being contrarian is not enough, you must be very sure you are right – Philip Fisher

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(Image Credit, One of my favorite investment books is of course, Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings, written by investing legend Philip Fisher. Philip Fisher was an investor best known as the author of Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, a guide to investing that has remained in print ever since it was first published in 1958. He … Read More

G Willi-Food International Ltd trading at a discount to its NCAV $WILC

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(Image Credit, On July 29 we reported that, “The best value stock in the Small and Micro Screener is WILC G Willi-Food International Ltd (NASDAQ:WILC) on a multiple of -0.42 times operating income”. Willi-Food is a company that specializes in the development, marketing and international distribution of kosher foods. The company’s share price is up over 25% in the … Read More

If contrarian strategies do so well, why doesn’t everyone use them? – David Dreman

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(Image credit – I was recently re-reading one of my favorite investment books by David Dreman, Contrarian Investment Strategies – The Next Generation. David Dreman is the founder and Chairman of Dreman Value Management. He’s published many scholarly articles and has written four books. Dreman also writes a column for Forbes magazine and he’s on the board of directors of the Institute … Read More

What can Pokémon Go teach us about irrational investing?

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(Image Credit: A lot has been written about the irrationality of investors. To help them out, they can head over to the SEC website and read the nine investing behaviors that can undermine investment performance. The article’s titled, Investor Bulletin: Behavioral Patterns of U.S. Investors. “The Library of Congress report identifies nine investing behaviors that can undermine investment performance.  These … Read More

Apple Inc jumps 6.5%, 23% drop in iPhone sales $AAPL

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(Image Credit: Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) released its 2016 third quarter results Wednesday. The company recorded revenue of $42.4 billion for the quarter, down 15% from $49.6 billion for the previous corresponding period. Net income was also down 27% for the quarter to $7.8 billion from $10.7 billion for the previous corresponding period. Clearly the news was better that expected with the company’s share … Read More

Is the CAPE Ratio providing a warning for investors – OFR

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While no single tool, ratio or source should be used to evaluate the economy and its financial stability. The Office of Financial Research (OFR) provides a free bi-annual report, and a really cool heat-map, on their version of what’s happening in the economy. Its called the Financial Stability Monitor, here’s their latest report and here’s their really cool heat-map. “This … Read More

Pendrell Corporation trading close to its NCAV $PCO

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(Image Credit: Pendrell Corporation (NASDAQ:PCO) was the biggest mover in ‘The All Investable Screener’ yesterday, up a whopping 14.8%. Who is Pendrell Corporation? For the past five years Pendrell has invested in and acquired IP rights, and continues to monetize those IP rights. For example, during the second quarter of 2016, the company licensed its memory and storage patents to Toshiba … Read More

The central principle of investment is to go contrary to the general opinion – Keynes

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The year is 1543. Think about that! That’s 473 years ago. For most of us, something from the 1920’s is considered old! There was this guy called, Nicolaus Copernicus, Copernicus contended that the Earth revolved around the sun, rather than the other way around. At the time everyone thought he was clearly nuts! Fortunately for him, another guy called Galileo supported his … Read More

Contemporary Investing Gurus – Ray Dalio (Video + Research Paper)

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(Image Credit: Recently I started an investing video series called, Contemporary Investing Gurus. Over the years I’ve spent loads of time reading articles, watching videos and listening to podcasts from some of the best investing minds in the world. Names like Joel Greenblatt, Mohnish Pabrai, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Meb Faber, and Guy Spier, just to name a few. This week I’ve got a video … Read More